About this Site

Changes from the previous site:
Although the style of this site is similar to that of the previous site, most of the content has been changed. Now that the speed of the INTERNET has improved since the previous version in the fall 1997, we felt that more images with sound files of Linda speaking the content of her writings about her work would add to your experience, and be unique. It also allowed the inclusion of more images on the choice pages, and as a result, more images to be viewed. The JPEG images of Linda's work now have much better resolution and luminance than the old GIF files that were used previously, yet load 50% faster.

An important part of our lives together is our ski adventures in Canada's west. Thus, some photos and videos of our adventures have been included in a sub-web. Not all are on the site as we usually inflict all of them on our close friends and family when we get back east :-).

Most computer screens, even portables, now have a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. This allowed the site to be built for more comfortable viewing and higher resolution images. The page layout was verified on a Windows® machine connected by a LAN using Internet Explorer® as a browser. Neither Netscape® nor an Apple® machine was available. I hope this has not led to too many inconveniences.

E-mail address:
You have probably noticed on the main page of the Linda the Artist page that Linda's e-mail address has been given as a graphic rather than a hyperlink. This is a little awkward; however I have provided a contact form where you can send a message. The reason an e-mail hyperlink is not provided is when an e-mail address is on a web site, it is picked up by web search robots (webbots) that automatically search out e-mail addresses and these addresses become SPAM magnets. The e-mail addresses that we put on the last site resulted in our receiving over 200 pieces of SPAM mail per day. We had to change addresses. Fortunately these webbots cannot read graphics. We apologize for the unfortunate result of your having to type Linda's e-mail address manually.

Other Developments:
This site is now constructed with forms where you can leave messages without having to send e-mail. Eventually it will also provide discussion forums on the art, the techniques, and where prints, etc. could be purchased on-line. Our previous web server was unable to support the Microsoft extensions on which these features are based, thus we had to change servers. The web site address has changed from that which over the years has already been printed on promotional material; however kenlinda.com is much easier to remember.

Choice of Work:
It was really difficult for Linda to make her choice of work to be included. She could not include all of it, and since her work is so stunning and inspiring, I found it impossible to make recommendations.
(I am a devoted fan {:-)})
I must admit that often when I look at her images and hear her reading her thoughts on the pages of this web site, emotionally I am very moved. Hopefully you the public will have the same pleasant experience, and deem that her work and writings justify their becoming published as a book or DVD, and/or being shown in public exhibitions as an audio-visual presentation. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the work as much as Linda has had in producing it, and we have had in preparing this web site presentation for you.

Thank you for your visit.