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Winter 2004

Lake Louise
Ken in Grizzly Gully

Lake Louise
Linda on
Deer Run

Linda and Ken
on Standish

Lake Louise
Linda on Ptarmigan

Our Inspiration
Neil and Ryoko Trevis

Sunshine,  Goat's Eye Mountain, Far Side, Winter 2003

Overview of Far Side from the top of Delirium Dive

Path to
Far Side

Far Side

Linda on the path to Far Side

Linda at the top of Far Side below the rock face

We did it !

Sunshine,  Delirium Dive, Winter 2004

Overview of Delirium Dive from the top of Tincan Alley

 Delirium Dive party

Stairs down
to the top of
Delirium Dive

Almost ready

Ken in the Dive

Ryoko in the Dive


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